Why You Should Appreciate Nurses

They are there for us when we feel scared and alone

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Nurses Make You Feel Comfortable

When I showed up for my surgery, I did not think that anything could put me at ease.

Nurses Help With All Tasks — Big or Small

I had to stay in the hospital overnight due to the surgery that was performed. Along with the excision of Endometriosis, my appendix was also removed due to the pesky Endo growing on that useless organ.

Nurses Are Always Kind

One of my nurses left a lasting impression on me when she told me that she appreciated my good attitude, patience, and how she wished all patients were like me.

They Are Resilient

We all know that nurses have long hours and deal with stressful situations on a daily basis.

Even After You Leave the Hospital, They Still Show That They Care

About a week after my surgery, I was recovering at home. I was looking through my discharge paperwork, and came across what looked like a card. Curious, I opened it and immediately began to cry. It was a card wishing me luck on my road to recovery, and my nurses all signed it.

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