Why You Should Always Make Your Bed

Such a simple task that holds a lot of benefits

Photo by HausPhotoMedia.com on Unsplash

Appearance of Cleanliness and Organization

We have all walked into a friends or significant others bedroom and cringed at the sight of an unmade bed. The flattened pillows and the blankets bunched together in a pile. The fitted sheet that is barely hanging on to the corner of the mattress.

Easy First Task of the Day

Life brings struggles. Sometimes those struggles make daily life extremely difficult to face. What we are going through can make it impossible to complete any type of task, no matter the difficulty or amount of time.

Makes Going to Bed More Enjoyable

I don’t know about you, but after a long day, there is nothing better then pulling back the comforter on your bed and landing on the crisp sheets. The sheets feel clean, the pillows are perfectly fluffed, and the comforter lays just right.

Feeling of Control Over Your Environment

Lastly, making your bed can give you a sense of control over the environment you inhabit. Sometimes our environment can feel like it is out of our control and can really mess with how we feel. By making the bed, we give ourselves a sense of control and therefore make being in our home more enjoyable.

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