Remember to Always Celebrate Your Wins

I celebrated hitting 100 followers yesterday. A small win, but still a win!

Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

Yesterday, I officially had 100 followers on Medium. When I saw that number, I got so excited!

When I started to write on Medium, I had no expectations. I was just excited to have a platform where I could write and reach all kinds of different people.

To me, getting 100 followers is a win that should be celebrated. This means that 100 people care about what I have to say. Crazy!

The number might be small, but it doesn’t matter. A win is a win and should be celebrated.

Celebrating a win doesn’t have to be some big ordeal. It can be as simple as sitting and reflecting on what it took to reach your goal and to just enjoy feeling proud of yourself.

Or, if you want to throw a party or something, that works too!

I have noticed that when I take the time to appreciate my wins throughout the weeks and months, I feel more motivated. I feel like I can take on new challenges that I might not have been that confident about before.

You might even realize that you are capable of doing more then you originally thought.

When I just keep pushing forward, and don’t stop to appreciate what I have accomplished, I get burnt out and frustrated. It feels like I haven’t gotten anywhere.

But in reality, I have gotten somewhere. I was just too busy working to notice.

And by the way, you don’t have to celebrate a win by yourself. There is something awesome about sitting down to dinner with your significant other and telling them about what you accomplished. They will be excited for you and encourage you to keep going and to keep it up.

Another great way to celebrate a win is to tell a friend. I have a friend where we text back and forth all week, highlighting what we have gotten done. We both enjoy hearing about the other persons life and cheering each other on.

One thing I can’t stress enough is:

Don’t compare yourself to other people

Since social media seems to have taken over our lives, it is quite easy to scroll through Facebook or Instagram and look at what other people are doing. You may feel like you aren’t getting enough done, or that you aren’t doing things right.

Just remember that everyone is at a different point in life and we all deal with different situations. Instead of feeling jealous or insecure, let that person know you think they are doing awesome. Support others and you will find that you will end up being supported too.

People tend to want to help others. If you see someone you follow doing awesome, reach out and see if they can give you any tips. You never know what will happen!

What wins have you experienced this week?

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