Last Day of January…What Did You Get Done?

If your answer is not much, there are 11 more months to go!

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

The month of New Year’s Resolutions is over. I know this not just by the calendar, but also by how the gym isn’t as busy anymore.

The month of January is the month where people put a ton of pressure on themselves. The desire to lose weight, get into a different romantic relationship, or to quit your dead-end job skyrockets. We act as if January is the only month to get stuff done.

What’s cool is that there are 11 more months to go! So, if you didn’t get to the gym as much as you wanted this month, start fresh on February 1. If you weren’t able to quit your job, keep looking for a new one and quit when you can.

I started to go back to the gym in January, but I didn’t go as much as I wanted. I didn’t get as far with my writing business as I wanted to but no big deal. I will keep going and increase my momentum in February and the months to come.

I started something this month that helped me see just how productive I was this month. My daily activity log is currently saved as a Google Doc. I update it daily with, you guessed it, whatever productive tasks I completed that day. It let me see the days I worked the most, and the days where I may have slacked off. It also allowed me to see how many days I didn’t do much of anything. *cringe*

If you didn’t accomplish what you wanted to in January, keep pushing forward. Fill your days with productive tasks to keep yourself on track. Read a book to get ideas on how to be more productive and how to effectively pursue your goals. Currently, I am reading High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. I couldn’t recommend this book enough if you are struggling to reach your goals.

January doesn’t have to be the only month of productivity. It can be seen as the month where you try our best at new things. You hit the ground running. And it’s probably the month where you fall on your face a couple times, but it’s all a learning experience. We can take what we learned in January and apply it to the rest of the year and keep getting better and better.

Let’s make February, and the rest of the year, as productive as we can!

Writing about all kinds of life stuff. Sharing my experiences to help and inspire others.

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