How My Mom’s Death Changed My Future

She will miss certain milestones that I know she wanted to be there for and that I wanted her there for.

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I had a great relationship with my mom while growing up. We used to go shopping at the mall, spend hours at the bookstore, and watch movies while stuffing our faces with popcorn and chocolate. My mom was the very best. I miss her every single day.

I believe there is a certain point in life when you transition from being a kid that needs to be taken care of to an adult that can become a true friend with their parents. As an adult, you are able to hopefully talk more openly with your parents about the events in your life. You can finally enjoy an alcoholic beverage together. You can approach them with serious and delicate topics and get input from someone who has more life experience.

Along with great advice, and the ability to be more open during conversations, there are life events that your parents will be a part of. These are milestones that should be celebrated. Your parents will celebrate right alongside you because they themselves know how important these events are in a young person’s life.

My whole point is that if you still have your parents, and have a good relationship with them, cherish every moment you have together. You never know when they will be taken from this Earth. My mom, who suffered a freak brain aneurysm, was taken from me when I was only 22 years old. Like I said, we had a great relationship for my entire life, but she is going to miss out on some key events that I would have wanted her to see and I know she would have also wanted to be there.


From picking out the dress to the actual wedding ceremony and party, my mom will not be a part of it. I am not someone who is going to have a crazy fancy ceremony, but it is still an important day for your parents to witness and share with you. I know that weddings can be stressful and sometimes bring out the worst in people, but do your best to include your parents in the process. I bet it would mean the world to them.

First House

Another event that has happened and my mom wasn’t able to be there for was moving into my own house. Well, my boyfriend and I are renting a house for the first time but it beats apartment living. If my mom were around, she would have loved to help decorate, helped us move in, and spent a ton of time with us.


Growing up, Christmas was my favorite holiday. I just loved how happy everyone seemed to be and I enjoyed the extra time with family and friends. I remember staying up late on Christmas Eve, putting the final touches on homemade Christmas cards for my parents. I never realized just how much my mom cherished those cards until I found a stack of them when going through her belongings after she passed. Put some time into a homemade gift or card, parents love that stuff.

I know there are many other milestones and times when you would love your parents to be there, but these are the ones that have been on my mind lately. If you have ever lost a parent, I know how tough it can be. Cherish the memories you have with them. If you have not lost a parent, spend as much time with them as you can.

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